How do you rank on Yandex?

Yandex, or Языково́й as I like to call it, is a Russian search engine that ranks as the 8th biggest search engine around.  It’s big in Russia and as of Wednesday (19th May) it’s been launched to the English speaking world, to some acclaim from within the SEO industry. It certainly seems to have caught Rand…

Surface Pro 3 repair? iFixit 也感到棘手

相信不少用家都開始收到或已使用 Surface Pro 3,而 iFixit 這個專業拆解網站也將Surface Pro 3解剖了。結果是Surface Pro 3 仍然是難修的一類( 只有SSD可以更換)。今次可以注意的重點是連 iFixit 也在拆解時把螢幕玻璃弄壞了,再且即使你想更換SSD前,還要拆解眾多零件,極可能你的平板已經報廢。因為Surface Pro 3 主要連接物質為膠水,而次要則用上稀有連接頭。所以iFixit  對這次的 Surface Pro 3 的拆解也感到棘手.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3