Firefox Mozilla Tips

you will learn

How to change the value of Ctrl + Enter of a browser.

“Ctrl + Enter” is a popular shortcut of any browser. When we write any word in a addressbar and use “Ctrl + Enter” then it,s provide   https://www.   before the word and provide  .com  after the word.   Here you will learn

How to use .net / .org / / .info / .gov or any others domain instead of .com.

Setup to Firefox Mozilla:

*Step-1. Write about:Config on your browser address bar and hit the Enter Key.
Step-2. Click the I’ll be careful, I promise!
Step-3. Search: browser.fixup
Step-4. Double click on the browser.fixup.alternate.suffix and write your prefere domain instead of .com.
Here you use (.) dot before your prefered domain name.
Example: .net