【TVP 科技券】申請資助上限由20萬增加至40萬元

首頁政府資助【TVP 科技券】申請資助上限由20萬增加至40萬元

TVP 資助申請金額最高可獲40萬元

Since 28 February 2018, the eligibility of TVP has been relaxed as follows:

an applicant enterprise is required to have substantive business operation in Hong Kong at the time of application instead of for a year; and
TVP is eligible to non-listed enterprises of all sizes instead of just for small and medium enterprises.


Since 27 February 2019, the following enhancement measures have been implemented:

converting the TVP into a regular funding programme under the Innovation and Technology Fund;
expanding the eligibility criteria to cover companies incorporated and registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance and statutory bodies set up in Hong Kong (except government subvented organisations and their subsidiaries);
increasing the funding ceiling per applicant from $200,000 to $400,000; (Attention: Applications submitted before the announcement of this measure are still subject to the original funding ceiling of $200,000. Applicants wishing to increase the funding requested beyond $200,000 should withdraw the original application and submit a new one in the TVP Funding Administrative System (https://tvp.itf.gov.hk).)
increasing the maximum number of approved projects per entity from three to four;
expanding the list of typical technological services and solutions in Annex B of the Guidance Notes for Applications;
simplifying the application procedures by –
waiving the requirement for applicants to submit the quotation invitation documents issued to service providers in their applications; and
waiving the requirement for applicants to certify the supporting documents (i.e. to sign by an authorised person of the applicant and affix the company chop) for submission in applications;
waiving the requirement for obtaining prior approval from the Innovation and Technology Commission for early project completion and project extension for no more than six months; and
clarifying the definition of off-the-shelf/readily available items as those that can be procured “off-the-shelf” and installed/used directly by the applicant enterprises, such as desktop/notebook computers, printers, scanners, servers, mobile phones, tablets, standard office suites (MS Office), anti-virus software, etc., while software systems that require compilation/integration by service providers at the request of the applicants, even those involving standard modules with or without tailor-made features, will be regarded as customised items as long as they are not readily available “off-the-shelf”.






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