There are two Tools that i want to share today, 1 is available for absolutely free and other one have a free version which is awesome but you can also get the paid version if you dearly like it.

1: Start Menu Reviver:
This is one of the great tool that i am going to talk about. I recently Stumbled to This and i found it awesome and so wanted to let the visitors know about it too. You will get your new Start Menu just like the above picture.

Step 1: First of all Download Start Menu Reviver
Step 2: Install it and then Click on Start To see your new Menu.

You can add more programs to start menu just by Right Clicking and then Selecting Add tiles. There is much more to Explore and many more Features with it. Enjoy and play around it.


2. Start Menu X:

The 2nd tool that i want to Write is Start Menu X, This is a very popular tool and used by many many people. Start Menu X is available for Free and also Paid. The Free version is as good as the Paid one. You can download it for Free and then Buy it if you like and to Support the Developer.
There is a Video and tutorials on how to Use and how your Start menu will actually look like on thier Official Site. Start Menu X works on Both Windows 7 and Windows 8. So again if you are a Win 8 User and missing the Start Menu, this is the tool that you want to download and use inorder to get it back.
So this is to it. These Tools are pretty helpful to Customize Start Menu in Windows and give it a whole new look. Do you use any other tool and want to share with us ? Let us know in Comments.