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Logistics system is a logistics document operating system designed for the development of Logistics in Hong Kong, created for freight forwarders in the general logistics industry. It consists of four main parts: sea operation, air operation, billing and accounting, and has been used by hundreds of companies in Hong Kong.
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Logistics System Special Features.

Booking Excel Entry

The Logistics system has a Booking Excel file download, so that customers can input relevant information by themselves, and automatically email the Excel file to the designated mailbox. Users can directly import the data into the system to reduce errors.

Support US Manifest

In response to the requirements of the US manifest, the Logistics system will automatically check the relationship between the Master and the House. If the bill of lading fails to match, it will not be displayed in the manifest.

House Bill of Lading P&L

Generally, the forwarder system can only calculate the profit and loss statement at the job number level, but it is difficult to know the proportion of each bill of lading when it is in the console cabinet, and even the part that loses money is not noticed. Therefore, the Logistics system will automatically calculate the income and expenditure of each bill of lading, and it is clear at a glance how much each bill of lading earns.

Electronic Filing (Attachment) Function

The Logistics system has the Job Number Attachment function, which allows users to directly link relevant documents or image files to the Job Number interface and store them in the server, effectively preventing files from being deleted by mistake. In addition, this function can be used together with the Full set Document function to export the documents in the Logistics system and the documents sent by the Agent to the same PDF file, which is convenient and fast.
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Starter Edition (Sea)

  • 1 System User License
  • Base Function
  • Sea Freight Function
  • 3 Months Maintenance Services

Starter Edition (Land)

  • 1 System User License
  • Base Function
  • Air Freight Function
  • 3 Months Maintenance Services

Business Pro Edition

  • 1 System User License
  • Base Function
  • Sea Freight Function
  • Air Freight Function
  • 6 Months Maintenance Services

Logistics System Development FAQs.

The Logistics system is an operating system designed to manage and streamline various aspects of logistics operations in Hong Kong.

Our Logistics System offers numerous benefits to your business:

– Operational Efficiency: By streamlining key operations such as sea and air freight management, billing, and accounting, the Logistics System can significantly increase your business’s operational efficiency. This can lead to faster, more reliable service, and potentially higher customer satisfaction.

– Cost Savings: Automated processes and error reduction can lead to considerable cost savings. For example, the ability to automatically import data from an Excel file can reduce manual data entry and the potential for costly mistakes.

– Document Management: The Electronic Filing function allows for efficient document management, reducing the risk of lost or misfiled documents. This can save time and prevent potential issues with customers or regulatory authorities.

– Scalability: The Logistics System can easily accommodate growth, allowing you to manage an increasing number of shipments without a proportional increase in administrative workload.

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