UCMG Clinic Managing Admin Work Automatically

UCMG sought a professional digital solution capable of meeting the diverse needs of all users, including staff, doctors, nurses, and patients. The existing processes relied on manual tasks and an outdated system that involved physical medical cards and manual data entry. Consequently, real-time information updates were lacking, leading to communication delays and a lack of transparency in the operational workflow.


The initial step involved the design of a new website, with the primary objective of revitalizing the company’s image and enticing potential users. Recognizing that the website serves as the first point of contact for users, the updated modern design enhances its appeal, encouraging visitors to explore further and gain a deeper understanding of the company and its offered services.


The app provides patients with comprehensive access to their medical insurance information and introduces new functionalities, including doctor appointment booking and real-time updates on the process. Patients can conveniently monitor insurance coverage and payment records, while the QR code feature enables seamless check-in for consultations. Moreover, online consultation and payment features offer flexibility for individuals with busy schedules.


The doctor web portal enables doctors to manage appointments and access private patient information, such as diagnoses and symptoms, which can be easily referenced during follow-up consultations. The system facilitates prescription assignments, ensuring a streamlined process.


The admin panel empowers UCMG to monitor all records and data across platforms, providing real-time updates on patient status and necessary tasks. The panel offers a wide range of functions, including quotation creation and payment processing. Centralizing control over data from other platforms, it significantly enhances transparency and enables efficient task management for staff.