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HK Rope Skipping Club Creating Better UX by Eshop Design

Project Background.

The Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club aims to promote skipping as a sport and offer high-quality skipping ropes and clothing through their website. By providing a platform for enthusiasts to purchase top-notch products, they encourage individuals to embrace skipping as a fitness activity while providing them with the necessary gear for optimal performance.


The website endeavors to promote rope skipping as an enjoyable and beneficial activity while providing a diverse range of sports items for individuals interested in the sport. With user-friendly navigation and vivid imagery, our shop ensures that customers have a clear understanding of their purchases, while convenient price ranges and item filters enable swift identification of desired products within their budgetary preferences.


The website is also linked with the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club membership, and allows existing members to easily sign in without having to create a new account thus saving time and providing a streamlined experience for the customer.