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Life Education Activity Programme Boost Productivity

Project Background.

Life Education Activity Programme is seeking a digital solution to enhance management efficiency and promote workflow transparency. By transitioning from manual paper-based processes to a digital platform, the company aims to streamline operations, improve collaboration among teams, and enhance data accessibility. This digital transformation aims to create a more efficient and transparent work environment.


From generating invoices for services and to track lessons to communicate with the delivery team to schedule the delivery of materials, the admin panel ensures efficient management of available resources. Additionally, the admin panel opens up the possibility of online attendance taking, which enables easy and accurate tracking of student participation, and can be accessed by the admin team at any time to monitor and see the data.


The web application enables teachers who have to travel to different schools by providing them with a convenient tool for lesson planning, attendance tracking and accessing student data on the go. Simultaneously, the app also enables admin staff at the office to have real-time access to all the data, facilitating seamless coordination and efficient management.