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HK Physical Fitness Association Creating a Functional App

The Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong sought a platform to attract kids to attend physical fitness tests, aiming to foster a positive perception of health and fitness. By organizing and promoting enjoyable physical activities for both parents and kids, the association aims to counter the sedentary lifestyle prevalent among children in the current generation.


The website acts as a channel to inform parents of the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle for their children, and also acts as a platform to book a timeslot to attend a physical fitness assessment with their children. Parents are encouraged to download the app before attending the assessment and allows them to keep track of assessment results and more.


The app incorporates vibrant colors and playful graphics that resonate with children’s tastes and allows parents and children to view the results of their physical fitness assessment. Depending on the results of the assessment, fitness improvement classes can be booked by the parents to provide guidance for children to encourage to healthier and more active lifestyle.


The appealing graphics, coupled with a rewards and challenges system, create a sense of accomplishment and leave children eager for more after each event. Serving as a channel for promoting movement and home workouts, the app also introduces gamification elements through awards and trophies incentivize children and parents to move more.