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HK Canoe Union Managing Member Data Automatically

Project Background

The Hong Kong Canoe Union Ltd sought a digital solution to efficiently manage member data and provide easy access to information such as personal details and qualifications. It was essential for the solution to cater to various types of members, including casual hobbyists, dedicated athletes, and coaches, ensuring usability across the diverse membership spectrum.

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The system incorporates a calendar to schedule events, and provide updates within the canoeing community. This creates opportunities for enthusiasts and hobbyists to connect with individuals who share similar interests. Moreover, the system categorizes athletes, coaches, and members, granting them access to specific functions based on their respective needs. For instance, coaches have the ability to access information such as past records, qualifications, and accolades, facilitating a deeper understanding of each member or athlete’s abilities.
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We developed a comprehensive system that enables the company to centralize member and athlete data, including personal information, qualifications, certificates, and an notification system to alert members to new events and membership deadlines. The system empowers users with an intuitive interface, streamlining operations by providing easy access to data and facilitating efficient execution of required tasks.