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Mondo Group recognized the increasing demand for online shopping experiences in the luxury market segment. By launching an e-shop, Mondo Group aims to provide a sophisticated and convenient platform for customers to explore and purchase their exquisite collection of luxury watches and jewelry, offering a seamless shopping experience that caters to the discerning tastes and preferences of luxury enthusiasts worldwide.


The main feature includes an interactive quiz designed to personalize the skincare and haircare suggestions for each client. Through a series of questions about their skin type, concerns, and hair condition, the quiz gathers valuable information to formulate tailored recommendations. Clients can conveniently select and purchase the recommended products which will be delivered to the client’s doorstep after payment.


The website also includes a blog page where journalists and KoL are invited to post articles such as reviews or recent trends within to industry to ensure that customers will have access to the latest information. The blog also acts as a promotion method and aims to increase traffic and engagement through brand recognition from the authors and KoL.